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Why You Should Hire a Professional Air Duct Cleaner

As fall leads into winter and the weather gets colder in Virginia, you’ll probably start using your home’s heating more often. While you’re putting your HVAC system through the works, you might notice some problems with your air ducts.

Maybe there’s more dust around your home, maybe you can’t get rid of a musty smell, or your family might be experiencing some uncommon allergies. If you notice any of these signs, it’s probably time to get your air ducts inspected and cleaned.

That raises the question: should you hire a professional air duct cleaning service, or can you DIY? While you might think doing it yourself would be quicker, it’s not as effective as hiring a professional. There are plenty of reasons why a trained air duct cleaner is preferable to cleaning your ducts yourself.

1. The Right Tools for the Job

When cleaning your air ducts, it’s easy to access the vent openings and clean around the filters. But what if debris is gathering throughout your ducts, or if mold is starting to grow?

In these cases, a professional HVAC cleaning company would be the one to call. A professional and reputable company will have certified training from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). This means that their technicians have gone through proper training and been accredited to work on your home’s HVAC system.

A professional air duct cleaner will also have the tools to properly clean your air ducts. They’d have access to powerful and portable vacuums to reach just about anywhere in your ducts. When these tools are put in the right hands, the dust and mold in your air ducts don’t stand a chance.

2. Catch Problems Before They Start

When working with an accredited air vent cleaning company, you’re working with a team that’s trained to care for the safety and well-being of your system. Because of that, these technicians don’t just want to clean your HVAC system, they want to prevent any future issues.

The NADCA trains technicians to care for the client, meaning they’re dedicated to your comfort and safety. With their handymen mentality, a quality air duct cleaner will also be on the lookout for potential problems in your air duct system. These problems can include:

  • Debris and dust build-up
  • Damp areas that can lead to mold
  • Punctures in the duct system that can reduce efficiency
  • Lower efficiency due to a mixture of other factors

A trained air duct cleaning company has the knowledge and the tools to find these signs while cleaning your ducts. They can then meet with you to discuss how to best tackle the problem. You’re not just hiring a cleaning service, you’re hiring a collaborator in keeping your home’s air quality safe.

3. Complete the Mission

You might think that regularly switching your air filters and dusting around the vents is enough to keep your ducts clean. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you try to DIY cleaning your air ducts, you’re only able to clean a small portion of your HVAC system. The vent openings around your home are like the legs and arms of your air ventilation system. Hidden behind your walls and underneath your floors is the rest of the air duct network.

While you can clean around your vent openings, you’re missing the areas where mold and debris build-up actually starts. The only way you can reach the entire network of air ducts is to tear down your walls and dismantle the skeleton of your system. Not to mention, you’ll miss every other part of your AC and Heating system, like the coils and drain pans.

When you work with an experienced and trustworthy air vent cleaning company, you’re guaranteeing a job is done completely. These skilled technicians have the tools and knowledge to clean every part of your HVAC system and keep future problems from cropping up.

Where Do You Start?

Now that you know how vital it is to hire an air duct cleaning company, you might be wondering something. Where do I find a reliable and professional company to clean my air ducts?

Lucky for you, you’re already looking at one! Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning specializes in deep cleaning HVAC systems for residential and commercial buildings. Our accredited technicians have an extensive air duct cleaning process that keeps you in the loop every step of the way.

If you live in the Richmond area and want an air duct cleaning team you can trust, Contact us to give yourself some peace of mind.



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