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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services in Williamsburg, VA

Get the Cleanest Ducts in the Historic Triangle

If left untouched your air ducts can accumulate dust, dirt, mold and more. A neglected and nasty air duct can tank your indoor air quality and cause health issues like asthma and allergies.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution. Air duct cleanings help keep your entire property cleaner and fresher for everyone who steps through your front door.

Kohmar provides the best air duct cleanings in Virginia. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone with a higher quality staff or arsenal of equipment.

Your ducts will shine with help from our vacuum trucks. You can rely on us for a full-scale of services around Williamsburg.


Keep Your Cool with Expert Air Duct Cleanings

It’s up to your HVAC to keep your home your ideal temperature. Whether that’s cool summers and warm winters, a year-round balmy temperature or a 24/7 cold front.

All of that perfectly conditioned air travels through your air ducts.

If you’ve got dirty ducts, that air picks up all kinds of pollutants along the way. These particulates can clog up your HVAC and spew out all over your home.

If your heating and cooling system is jam-packed with smut you’ll end up with skyrocketing energy bills and a worn-out HVAC.

Kohmar can help you suck the dust out of your ducts and HVAC to keep your systems running smoothly. Our crew works in Williamsburg to bring the best air duct cleaning services to commercial and residential properties.

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Why You Should De-Yuck Your Ducts

No amount of scrubbing, sweeping or sanitizing can make up for dirty air ducts. If you aren’t careful your property could end up with Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Musty air hanging over your head can lead to respiratory issues and even mold.

Keep your ducts clean to health avoid problems such as:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

Kohmar gets rid of mold, excess moisture, dirt and pollutants built up in your HVAC system.


Taking Your Air Duct Cleaning Seriously

There are three main types of companies offering air duct cleanings: specialists, generalists and scammers.

People love to trick homeowners and businesses by posing as air duct cleaning contractors online. You can spot this kind of fraud on all kinds of social media platforms. Trust your gut and don’t fall for too-good-to-be-true prices and promises.

Generalists are the companies that offer a million and one different services. Yes, they have a large variety but they’re usually lacking in quality.

Kohmar specializes in air duct cleaning. Every service we offer is about improving your indoor air quality and keeping fresh air circulating through your property. Our team has the official certs, wicked equipment and stellar track record to prove it.

Practice makes perfect and our crew is hooking up vacuums, shimmying through ducts and busting dust on a daily basis.

Our air duct cleaning process is polished, each job follows these steps:

  1. Kohmar arrives at your home with a state-of-the-art vacuum truck and equipment
  2. Technicians wear protective shoe covers when entering your home or office
  3. Discuss the layout of your system during a walkthrough, explain what work Kohmar will do and answer any questions for you
  4. Technicians lay protective floor coverings throughout the workspace
  5. All supply registers and return grilles are removed for proper cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing
  6. Return and supply ductwork are located. Access ports are created to facilitate the cleaning process (some systems may require multiple access ports).
  7. Access panels on air handlers are removed for inspection and interior cleaning
  8. A “Before” photo is taken to show debris and condition of ducts before the cleaning process begins
  9. An 8” suction hose is connected to the supply and return sides of the ductwork system
  10. Ducts are cleaned by Kohmar’s state-of-the-art equipment
  11. (Optional) A disinfectant may be applied throughout the entire system to treat for mold, bacteria, viruses and any type of microbial growth

air duct cleaning reviews

We take your health seriously. With over 200 reviews and a 4.9 rating, Kohmar is known as the standard for air duct cleaning services in Richmond, VA.

Donovan AubertinDonovan Aubertin
15:44 20 Sep 22
Recently had Kohmar out to clean the air ducts in my home and I was very pleased with their service. Pricing was reasonable. The technicians who came out were prompt, professional, and... knowledgeable, explaining every step of the process as they completed the work. Would both recommend and use their services again.read more
Ellie BaschEllie Basch
01:26 10 Jul 22
The whole process from obtaining estimate through the duct and vent cleaning was handled with utmost professionalism. The crew arrived on time, work efficiently and took great care of our old house... vents, many were painted over.We’re very pleased with the job well done, and highly recommend Kohmar. We immediately could tell the difference of the clean vents: the AC airflow is much cooler, thus the HVAC unit doesn’t run as long as before; the sound of the air coming through the vents isn’t as muffled by dusty vents anymore.read more
Matt KuhnMatt Kuhn
12:53 02 Jul 22
Birds had gotten into our dryer vent and left a bunch of debris so our clothes weren't drying. On top of that, while trying to clean it ourselves, we got a vent cleaner stuck in the vent. It was too... high for us to get to so we called Kohmar and an individual named Thomas and his coworker came over and took care of both for us!The company was extremely professional - they called before to let us know when they'd be arriving and even installed our dryer again after the vent cleaning.Great service and we highly recommend!read more
We moved into a new home in May 2022 and hired Kohmar from a few friends recommendations. They came in to give us a thorough review of our home and we hired them to seal our air vents, add an exhaust... fan to our bathroom, clean our ducts and shorten up a really long/inefficient duct from our dryer.The team was punctual, polite and explained everything we needed done without talking down to us.We are so happy with the work they did and will be sending more friends their way in the future!read more
Christopher MooreChristopher Moore
15:27 29 Jun 22
Day of service was very good. Crew was professional and efficient. Scheduling the service and followup let a little to be desired. They called to schedule us and then on the day of service no crew,... and when I called to see if they were coming, they did not have us on the schedule. Rescheduled and all went smoothly the second time. After the service I emailed to confirm that dryer duct cleaning had been performed and never got a response. So, to sum up, scheduling and follow-up have room for definite improvement, but the actual service was fine.read more
James D Hunte, Sr.James D Hunte, Sr.
19:32 12 Apr 22
Where to start? The aforementioned 5 stars, these guys don't even fall on that scale. They rate a 12 out of 10! Let me list why:The gentlemen, Mr. Christian and Mr. Dalton were on time and upon... their introduction at my front door, immediately displayed courtesy, respect, professionalism, and personality. These gentlemen immediately donned protective booties prior to entering my home and throughout their job assignment, respected my home to the highest degree.These gentlemen were amazingly informative, helpful with questions I asked in my ignorance of their profession and they met my questions with eagerness and shareability; no eye rolling, condemnation, or condescension. They were helpful, extremely conscientious, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and was in awe of the job they completed. Mr. Christian explained their certification status and recommended an inspection 2 years from now of the now cleaned system and I had specifically asked him for recurring maintenance recommendations. As a senior with a limited budget, this helps me to plan in advance for potential home maintenance future expenses.Mr. Dalton immediately informed us of things he identified as potentially questionable or troubling. He identified soot on some of the upstairs registers which was a result of burning candles and asked us if we had had a house fire. What attention to detail! Additionally, he assisted in re-anchoring a return pathway in the dining room that literally fell away from the floor vent due to rusted out anchors.Mr. Jason, you have two true treasures in your employ; they represented your company to the highest degree, stood by the company commitment, displayed amazing personality in conjunction with professionalism and I will be HIGHLY RECOMMENDING THEM AND THIS COMPANY TO ALL I KNOW.Thanks for being representative of the type of business every customer desires.read more
Mark OgrenMark Ogren
13:47 17 Sep 20
Matt and Aaron were on time. They took the time to explain what they would do. They showed me pictures and walked me into the crawl space so that I could see the before and after. They were very... professional and I would recommend them to my friends.read more
Julie HebertJulie Hebert
16:44 03 Sep 20
Erin, Steven and rest of the crew were on time, did a thorough job, explained things, and cleaned up after. Very pleased and referring them to another neighbor

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Kohmar’s technicians have more air duct cleaning certifications than any other crew in the state. Your ducts will be cleaned right up thanks to our talented team and customized HVAC cleaning equipment.

Give us a call for a cleaning consultation. Doesn’t matter if you have a small home or a giant commercial property – we will give your ducts a thorough inspection before cleaning.

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