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Thorough NADCA Inspection Reporting in Williamsburg, VA

What’s Going On Inside Your Air Ducts?

When you clean your house, investigating your air ducts is never going to be on that list of tasks.

It takes special equipment to really get an in-depth evaluation of what’s going on with your building’s HVAC system. Kohmar’s National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certified crew knows exactly how to scope out your ducts.

You’ll get a report that explains your air quality, depicts results from any cleaning services or points you to services that could improve your system.

Similar to home inspections, NADCA Inspection Reporting is a great thing to include after any construction or renovations and before moving out of or into a building. It’s also great for pointing out any dirty ducts.

The sooner you spot your duct problems, the quicker you can get to dust busting! Kohmar offers inspections as part of your air duct cleaning or all by itself.

The Results Are In: That Was a Kick Duct Cleaning!

Kohmar is all about awesome results, satisfying before and after photos, and happy clients.

Once all the dust is sucked out of your air ducts by our custom-built equipment, you’ll get the report to see it all in action.

Ducts filled with clouds of dust and layers of dirt turn sleek and shiny in the blink of an eye. Kohmar’s report gives you a rundown of how each section was cleaned, sealed and repaired.

Looking for a sneak peek? Check out this sample report.


Finding Out When to Clean Your Air Ducts

Kohmar’s thorough inspections give you a guide to fixing and caring for your ducts. Your pre-cleaning inspection provides the low-down on what is lurking around your home or business.

Your report lays out any reasons your air ducts may need a hefty cleaning such as signs that your HVAC system is:

  • Packed with contaminated particulates
  • Struggling to run due to contamination
  • Spreading repulsive smells
  • Spitting out dirt and/or debris
  • Breaking down due to fire, smoke, and/or water
  • Home to birds, rodents, insects, or their pesky pellets
  • Posing a fire hazard
  • Failing due to construction particulate or debris
  • Filled with mold and mildew
  • Breaking down your fibrous glass duct liner or duct board

There are several reasons you could have to give your ducts a good cleaning. Kohmar can help you take action for cleanings required by:

  • ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180
  • Your equipment manufacturers’ recommended maintenance practices
  • A proactive energy management program
  • An indoor air quality management program
  • LEED Certification requirements
  • Recommendations for new construction

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Certified Crews to Help You Certify Your Building in Williamsburg, VA

Looking to figure out if your building is eligible for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation?

Kohmar can help you uphold your dedication to sustainability. Our team dives deep to see if you’re meeting modern building codes, running an efficient HVAC and producing clean air.

Great air duct services are key to getting clean and going green!

Laptop showing reports from air duct cleaning and sealing.

Let’s Inspect Your Williamsburg Ducts

Ready to understand the source of your dust and high energy bills? Find out exactly what is going on with your HVAC system and air ducts thanks to Kohmar’s NADCA Inspection Reporting.

Call us today to get to the source of your air issues and build a plan for dependable solutions.

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