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Reliable NADCA Inspection Reporting in Richmond, VA

Get to Know Your Air Ducts

Kohmar has more professionals certified through the National Air Duct Cleaners Association than anyone else in Richmond.

You are guaranteed service from a NADCA certified air systems cleaning specialist on every job we touch. Big or small. Hands down.

There’s no better place to turn for a thorough report and photo documentation of your HVAC system and air ducts.

NADCA Inspection Reporting is the ideal way to evaluate a building. These reports can be used to determine if your air is clean or show cleaning results. Kohmar conducts HVAC inspections and either gives you a clean bill of health or points you to needed services.

Think of this process like a home inspection. It’s something recommended following any construction or renovations and before moving out of or into a building. It’s also a service recommended for clients who are on the fence about whether they need air duct cleaning.

You really never know what’s up there until you take a look!

Receive a full inspection and report as part of your air duct cleaning service or opt for a standalone service. Kohmar is flexible and here to get you exactly what your HVAC system needs.

Get the Facts on Your HVAC

Every Kohmar report lays out exactly what’s wrong with your air ducts and HVAC. If you’re already onboard for cleaning and restoration you’ll get a full explanation of services.

Reports for cleaning clients are complete with highly satisfying and oddly relaxing before and after pictures. You can see your ducts go from creepy and gross to good as new.

It may look magical but your report will detail exactly how each area was cleaned, sealed and repaired.

When the project starts, Kohmar uses your Richmond building’s mechanical drawings to ensure no duct or HVAC unit gets skipped. At the end of the inspection and cleaning you’ll receive documentation of everywhere that work was performed.

Want to know what to expect? Check out this sample report.


Dust and Dirt Just Isn’t Going to Cut It

A major part of a pre-cleaning NADCA inspection process is diagnosing your ducts. Kohmar’s crew will take a peek inside your duct work to see what might be lurking up there.

You should consider cleaning if your HVAC system is:

  • Filling up with contaminated particulates
  • Running poorly due to contamination
  • Stinking up your space with pungent smells
  • Spewing dirt and/or debris
  • Breaking due to fire, smoke, and/or water
  • Crawling with birds, rodents, insects, or their pesky pellets
  • Risking your building with a fire hazard
  • Failing due to construction particulate or debris
  • Molding to a concerning level
  • Deteriorating your fibrous glass duct liner or duct board

Or if your HVAC system requires cleanings according to:

  • ANSI/ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180
  • Your equipment manufacturers’ recommended maintenance practices
  • A proactive energy management program
  • An indoor air quality management program
  • LEED Certification requirements
  • Recommendations for new construction

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Reporting to Put You on Track for New Environmental Certifications

Are you looking to get your building LEED certified? This designation shows others that your building is state-of-the-art and your company is dedicated to sustainability.

It’s a great aspiration to have but you’re going to need some help along the way. Before you can become LEED certified you need to meet new building codes and ensure your HVAC is clean and efficient.

Getting a NADCA Inspection Report and thorough air duct cleaning are a crucial step towards meeting the standards set by this green building rating system.

The efficiency of your building’s heating and cooling can impact the number of LEED points you earn.

Kohmar’s Clean Bill of Health

You need to know what’s up in your ducts. If there’s mold and dust spreading in you homes’ lungs you can’t turn a blind eye.

Let Kohmar inspect your entire heating and cooling system and get back your peace of mind.

Call us to take the first step towards better breathing.

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