Protective HVAC Mechanical Insulation Services in Richmond, VA


For commercial and industrial business owners, your HVAC ducts are designed to securely move air across your building. When your AC and Heating systems are working correctly, you keep your building comfortable and safe.


But this process can also generate a lot of heat, which can affect your vital equipment and ductwork. You could be wasting thousands of dollars on escaping energy, actively damaging your HVAC equipment with consistent extreme temperatures, and creating humid environments perfect for mold growth.


The best way to combat these issues is through mechanical insulation from the air duct experts at Kohmar. Our experienced HVAC technicians can install, repair and maintain your HVAC system’s insulation, ensuring your ducts and equipment are kept safe and secure.


What is Mechanical Insulation?


You probably know insulation as the materials that encapsulate your home’s roof and walls, keeping you and your family comfortable during the summer and winter. These include fiberglass, spray foam and other common materials.


Mechanical insulation is a little different. Rather than insulating your entire building, mechanical insulation is designed to encapsulate your equipment and processes. For example, mechanical insulation can be found on pipes and ductwork, or equipment like boilers and HVAC units.


While the insulation materials are similar, the encapsulation process can be a bit more complex. The material normally covers a smaller area and is mostly designed to contain heat. Kohmar specializes in mechanical insulation for HVAC systems and processes, such as AC units and commercial air ducts.


Protect Your Livelihood From Behind the Scenes


Insulating your ducts is vital to protecting your business from energy loss and damage. Any leaks in your air ducts can allow hot air to escape into your building. With enough heat and time, your building can suffer damages such as:


  • Melted or damaged equipment
  • Overheated ducts
  • Overworked HVAC system
  • Burning surfaces
  • Water droplets causing mold
  • Increased energy usage


When you professionally apply mechanical insulation, you can prevent most if not all of these concerns. Insulation provides protection for your business and your vital equipment.


These benefits include:


  • Improved building air quality
  • Longer equipment lifespans
  • Safe work environment
  • Efficient energy usage
  • Reduced chance of mold growth


Overall, mechanical insulation keeps your commercial or industrial building running smoothly. You actively protect your equipment, processes, employees, and ensure the longevity of everyone and everything involved.


Types of Mechanical Insulation


Mechanical insulation materials are similar to whole-building insulation. While both processes use the same materials, they are applied in vastly different ways. While there’s no “one-size-fits-all” option for every business, there are some common insulation options to choose from.


These include:


  • Fiberglass Board: This consists of layers of fiberglass placed between two pieces of paper or cardboard. Usually used to insulate HVAC ducts.
  • Rock Wool: Also known as mineral wool, this high-density wool is used to insulate pipes and water heater tanks.
  • Spray Foam: This material is sprayed into areas using pressurized equipment. As it becomes a dense sealant, it spreads to cover a wider area. It is often used to encapsulate ducts and pipework.


Whatever your HVAC needs, Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning has the team for the job.


HVAC Experts Dedicated to Your Mechanical Insulation


With decades of experience and professional certifications, we pride ourselves on our customer service and passion for HVAC systems.


Kohmar’s experienced team works with you to ensure your HVAC system is properly insulated and keeping you safe. By consistently updating NADCA certifications, our team the know-how to ensure your AC and heating systems are clean and efficient.


You will get the help you need choosing the right insulation materials for your building, once materials are selected they will be carefully and expertly applied. The technicians at Kohmar specialize in mechanical insulation for commercial and industrial buildings, working within their specific limitations to improve their HVAC processes.


No matter your HVAC needs or the size of your HVAC job, we’ll help you protect your livelihood.


Breathe Easier


Mechanical insulation is what keeps your business running smoothly. Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning is what keeps your insulation working properly. Our experienced technicians and dedicated work ethic ensure you and your employees can breathe easier.


Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn how mechanical insulation can improve your building’s functions.