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Detailed HVAC Hygiene Maintenance in Richmond, VA

Prioritize Breathing Better With HVAC Cleaning

Have you ever tried cleaning out your HVAC system on your own? Without the right tools and training it’s impossible to get your HVAC hygiene up to snuff.

Your HVAC system is tucked away in your walls – out of sight and out of mind. That is until your air becomes musty and dusty.

You don’t want to be breathing dirty air. We’ve seen lots of filthy HVAC systems run rampant in Richmond.

That’s why Kohmar doesn’t treat HVAC maintenance and cleaning as a last resort, your indoor air quality (IAQ) and home comfort is our priority!

HVAC Hygiene Maintenance keeps you on track for a consistently clean HVAC system. Choose this preventative maintenance package to keep your coils, filters and drain pans clean between major duct cleanouts.


Keep Your Air Clean and Efficient Year-Round

It’s not every day that you need a full-scale air duct cleaning or sealing. But it is every day that it’s costing you money to heat or cool the air in your home or business.

If your HVAC system is dirty or in need of repairs it’s just not going to run as well. The more work it takes for your HVAC to keep temperatures comfortable, the more money you’ll be shelling out to the energy company. Do you like giving away your hard earned money?

The worst part is your overworked HVAC system is probably just pushing dirty air all around your building. That’s right, you’re paying a premium for pollutants.

Ready to knock out the must and dust? Kohmar’s NADCA certified team will visit for regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance so you don’t end up with skyrocketing bills or poor air quality.

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Cool Buildings Have Clean Coils

Every HVAC system has evaporator and condenser coils that help keep your air nice and cool. But if these coils get dirty, they aren’t going to work like you need them to.

That means wasted energy and a stifling hot building during the summertime. And you know Virginia is not the place to be without air conditioning repair.

Kohmar spends time cleaning your HVAC coils during every HVAC Maintenance visit. Your coils get dirty and worn out when continuously used. Even filters aren’t enough to keep them dirt-free.

The condenser coils located outside of your unit are constantly subjected to dirt, debris and rain outdoors. The evaporator coils sit and gather dust inside of your HVAC unit.

Kohmar’s top-notch coil cleaning process includes:

  • Vacuuming any loose debris from the coils
  • Dissolving coil contaminants with eco-friendly products
  • Rinsing coils to remove all contaminants
  • Examining coils to ensure a thorough cleaning

If you go too long between coil cleanings your energy bills will skyrocket, your equipment won’t last as long and bacteria could spread through your air.



Air Filters to Block Out All the Bad Stuff

Most families handle regularly switching out air filters on their own but commercial spaces have a lot more replacements to handle.

Kohmar is dedicated to improving your IAQ in every way possible. When Kohmar cleans a system, air filter maintenance and replacements are part of the process.

If your company needs help cleaning and replacing air filters, our crew can get the job done.

Refurbished Drain Pans for a Better HVAC System

Your drain pan sits and collects water from your HVAC unit as it works hard to cool your home. These pans are essential to keeping the HVAC system cool and preventing water from spilling into your home.

If you’ve ever looked at your drain pan you know that they quickly become nasty and corroded. They can start molding and falling apart after sitting full of water for too long.

Don’t let your pan become a problem. Kohmar can quickly get them good as new during your HVAC service.

Our crew will empty the pan, clean it out and coat it with a fresh epoxy. This epoxy eliminates corrosion issues and preserves the pan between cleanings.


Standout Service and NADCA Certifications

Kohmar guarantees you’ll always get to work with a NADCA certified team member who is up to date on the latest air duct cleaning training so the job is done right the first time.

Our Richmond-based crew is here to help your air ducts and HVAC run smoothly with our preventative cleaning measures. Kohmar is prepared to get all of your ducts in a row the best ways we know how.

That means using innovative equipment, always showing up prepared and dedicating time to perfecting the best cleaning techniques. To top it off, Kohmar gets to know you and your needs, making sure your customer service experience is a breeze!

Kohmar employee celebrating receiving their NADCA certification. Employee is holding the framed NADCA certificate in front of a NADCA sign.

Get Ahead of Air Quality Problems in Richmond, VA

Don’t let your air conditioner system turn into a duct disaster. Regular HVAC repair services can help keep your property efficient, pristine and sanitary.

Give us a call for the most thorough HVAC cleaning services in Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas.

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