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Essential HVAC Hygiene Maintenance in Williamsburg, VA

Wave Goodbye to Filthy HVAC Systems

Dirty HVAC systems pump out dirty air. If you’ve let your heating and cooling equipment sit untouched and uncleaned for years, your air could be swirling with pollutants.

With most HVACs tucked away in spots that are hard to clean, you may never be able to get your system spick and span on your own.

For HVAC hygiene maintenance results that will blow your mind, give Kohmar a call. We have more National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) certified crew members than any other HVAC cleaner in the state.

Make clean air a priority with preventative maintenance to keep your coils, filters and drain pans tidy between major air duct cleanings.

Start to Care About Your Dirty Air

An overworked HVAC and dirty equipment are the perfect storm needed to spike your energy bills.

The less you maintain your HVAC, the less efficient it will become. When left alone for years or even just months, you could end up spending extra cash for polluted air.

Don’t use more energy to heat and cool your Williamsburg home or business, get your HVAC back on track. Make your dust and must disappear with help from Kohmar.

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Let’s Spoil Your Coils

Your HVAC system is not complete without evaporator and condenser coils. They’re responsible for keeping your air nice and cool even during the steamy Williamsburg summers.

When your coils get dirty, your equipment is going to have to work overtime to try and keep up with the heat.

Professional coil cleanings can keep you cranking out cooling air at an efficient rate. The condenser coils on the outside of your unit are constantly subjected to dirt, debris and rain. The evaporator coils sit inside your HVAC unit and build up dust.

Kohmar cleans up your coils by:

  • Vacuuming the debris
  • Dissolving contaminants with eco-friendly products
  • Rinsing away coil contaminants
  • Thoroughly examining coils



Air Filter Maintenance for Commercial Spaces

At home you can switch out one or two air filters every month, no problem. But when you’re stuck with hundreds of replacements in commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings – the work piles up.

Kohmar makes your life easier and your air breezier with filter maintenance and replacements. Our team does the cleaning and swaps your filters while you keep running your booming business.

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Transform Your Drain Pans from Corroded to Clean

Your HVAC drips water while it works hard to cool your home or business. The water drops into a drain pan designed to stop any spillage.

Eventually, the water wears away at your drain pan. If left too long, your drain pan can become:

  • Dirty
  • Corroded
  • Flooded
  • Molded
  • Deteriorated

Don’t let a problematic pan sit and damage the area around your HVAC. Kohmar empties drain pans, thoroughly cleans them and uses a fresh epoxy coating to eliminate corrosion issues.

Sanitized HVACs for Optimized Performance

It’s easy to forget about all the inner workings of your HVAC. But crazy high energy bills and devastating system damages serve as a cruel reminder to keep your units clean.

Call Kohmar to stay ahead of the curve with effective and reliable HVAC cleanings in Williamsburg, VA.

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