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Thorough High-Elevation Cleaning in Richmond, VA

Finally Clean Your Richmond Building’s Hard to Reach Spaces

Look up! Do you see dust, dirt and cobwebs way out of your reach? Chances are if your business or home has extra-high ceilings you haven’t ventured up there to do some cleaning for awhile. And in most chances, you couldn’t find a way up there even if you wanted to.

That doesn’t mean that you should let the dust build up forever. It can ruin the look of your room, fall down onto people below and even cause issues for exposed electrical systems.

For those high-elevation spaces that feel so close, yet so far at the same time, Kohmar is here to help. You need a cleaning service from a certified team using hydraulic lifts to reach places beyond your tallest ladder.

Spaces like elegant conference rooms, bustling manufacturing facilities, trendy restaurants with exposed ductwork and industrial plants are all prone to high-elevation dirt, dust and grime.

By making time for annual or bi-annual cleanings you can improve the appearance and safety of your building significantly.

Kohmar has the tools, certifications and expertise to clean all of your high-elevation spaces. You’ll see a huge difference right away with our professional high-elevation cleaning services.


Meet Sky-High Expectations for High-Elevation Cleaning

Everyone has an opinion and you don’t want people leaving your space thinking it’s filthy. But if your ceiling, walls and wires are covered in dust you’re likely to disappoint visitors and employees alike.

Looks aren’t everything but when it comes to customer or client facing spaces they definitely make a difference. Keeping your high-elevation spaces clean is crucial to preserving a professional appearance.

Kohmar can eliminate the dust tucked into even the highest corners and easily clean those hard-to-reach places you haven’t had access to since the building was constructed. Our team is cautious during the cleaning process and makes sure that dust is never blasted all over your building while it’s being removed from your ceilings.

On top of appearances, many businesses eventually find themselves fighting with gravity. As the dust builds up on your ceiling it can begin dropping down below.

Keep Your Richmond Building Safe and Worry-Free

Depending on how your commercial property was constructed you may have electrical and hydraulic components located in your ceiling that need to be cleaned for safety reasons.

You could be dealing with fire hazards that you didn’t even know were there.

Your electric equipment can produce static electricity, when paired with something flammable like dust you could be endangering everyone inside of your building.

Kohmar works hard to clean up commercial, residential and industrial spaces to eliminate any fire hazards. Our high-elevation cleaning team knows how to spot an issue and exactly how to eliminate all of that dangerous dust.

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High and Mighty Cleaning Equipment

Kohmar uses first-rate hydraulic lifts to reach the exterior of your ducts and tops of your ceilings.

Once the crew is up in the air that’s when they’ll bust out even more tools. Kohmar’s high-elevation cleaning process is fast and thorough thanks to professional-grade negative pressure tools used to collect and remove dust. Negative pressure equals positive results.

Every tool Kohmar uses is custom-built with the latest and greatest tech to always provide you with the best service possible while keeping your property pristine through the process.

Duct Cleaning Inside and Out

Kohmar is the Richmond go-to for clearing out and sealing your air ducts. If you have exposed ductwork chances are you need thorough interior and exterior cleaning on a regular basis.

Dust can cause respiratory issues and make it hard to keep your business presentable. Whether it’s coming from inside of your air ducts or outside of them you want to keep your building spotless.

Ready to have your air ducts vacuumed or Aerosealed? Add high elevation cleaning and give yourself a fresh start.



Reach for Your Phone, Not Your Ceiling

Your Richmond business’s windows, ceilings and walls can be spotless with help from Kohmar’s high-elevation cleaning crew. You’re going to need help from a hydraulic lift and professional cleaners when it comes to these hard to reach spaces.

Price is forgotten long after quality is remembered. Call Kohmar today to bring in an experienced crew that doesn’t leave a single dust bunny behind.

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