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Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Richmond, VA

Prevent Fires and Increase Air Quality With Deep Dryer Vent Cleanings

If you’re like us, you clean the lint trap in your dryer before or after every single use. Sometimes you might check before and after – just to make sure you didn’t forget last time.

Did you know that one mechanical failure can cause a spark? And built up dryer lint and debris are the perfect kindling for a devastating fire.

Unfortunately, even the best lint cleaners are at risk when it comes to clogged dryer vents. No matter how often you’re cleaning that lint trap you’re still going to have fuzz, junk, lint and dust building up in your dryer system.

That’s for sure not something you want near sparking equipment. It’s also not something you want circulating around with your freshly cleaned clothes.

To top it off, if your dryer vents are clogged it will take FOREVER to dry your clothes! We know for a fact that no one has ever wanted their laundry to take any longer than it already does.

Don’t let a dingy dryer vent system get in the way of your safety or routine. It’ll take more than a vacuum cleaner to get your vents fully cleared out. Kohmar has your dryer vent cleaning services down to a science with the latest training, finest equipment, and most dedicated staff in Virginia.

Signs You Need To Clean Your Dryer Vents in Richmond, VA

You use your dryer all the time and whether it’s twice a day or once a week you’ll notice if something is going wrong. But did you know a lot of dryer issues are caused by filthy vents?

Here are some issues that might mean it’s time for a professional dryer vent inspection and cleaning service:

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services for Your Richmond Family’s Peace of Mind

Picture this – you have soaking wet laundry hanging up all around your home or you’ve resorted to hanging even your underwear on a clothesline in the backyard. It’s not great but with a working dryer you never need to worry about this.

However, if your dryer isn’t working like it should, you’ll be living in a sea of wet laundry. Not to mention the time it takes to do your laundry will increase significantly.

But even the inconvenience is outweighed by the safety concerns associated with using a dirty dryer. A debris-filled vent could grow into a serious fire hazard.

Protect your family and save your time by getting your dryer working right. Kohmar has been offering duct and dryer services for years. You deserve a crew that knows how to specialize in dryer vent cleaning. Expand the lifespan of your dryer, get a thorough cleaning and help prevent the risk of fire with Kohmar on your side.

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HVAC cleaner clearing out dryer vent at VCU in Richmond, VA.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning for Virginia Businesses

Whether the dryers at your business are your livelihood, an amenity or for your employees, they need to be kept clean. Kohmar rocks at cleaning vents for apartment complexes, laundromats, hospitals and more.

Whether it’s a big ol’ industrial dryer or hundreds of standard ones we aren’t afraid of a challenge. Kohmar knows you’re using these dryers like crazy so they are prone to becoming seriously clogged.

If you let these issues run on longtime it could run up your energy bill and incur repair costs on top of cleaning.

Our team is all about keeping your dryers running at max efficiency to help your business out. We have the best dryer vent cleaning tools and experience to get your commercial dryers up-and-running with as little hassle as possible.

How Kohmar Gets Your Vents Clean in Richmond, VA

It might be surprising how nasty your vents are but you’ll never have to be surprised about the cleaning process. We’ve nailed down the best way to prioritize your health and safety on every cleaning job.

Our customer-service focused process goes as follows:

  1. Our certified crew inspects your entire dryer exhaust system
  2. You receive any repair recommendations
  3. Before pictures are taken of your lint-clogged dryer vent
  4. Air tests are done to measure extent of issues
  5. All debris is cleaned out of your dryer vent using high-pressure air whips
  6. After pictures are taken of your freshly cleaned dryer vent
  7. Crews perform air testing to show improved efficiency
  8. You get a dryer vent with maximum air flow

Lean Mean Dryer Vent Cleaning Machines

Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning shows up to every job stacked with custom made state-of-the-art equipment from hyper vac. Whether you have one dryer vent or 100 our crew is ready to handle the job. Don’t settle for less efficient teams who can’t promptly fix your problems.

In addition to sturdy residential trucks that are great for ground floor cleanings, Kohmar has portable equipment to clean vents located in multi-floor buildings.

The best part about this cutting-edge equipment is no matter which ones you need, you’re always going to get tremendous air pressure for quick and impressive results.

Next-Level Dryer Duct Installation and Repair

It’s not just a dirty vent that can make laundry take longer and cause energy bills to pile up – sometimes it’s time for repairs and replacements. When you call in Kohmar we will let you know exactly what you need to increase efficiency and keep your clothes

If you break it, we have the HVAC experts to fix it. You’ll never have to worry about finding multiple companies to cover your dryer vent needs.

Our technicians can help you out by repairing broken dryer ducts or getting you a newer and more efficient model. Don’t worry, we will install the new one if you need it!

Every job Kohmar does meets NADCA standards for HVAC systems so you can be assured that you’re getting maximum efficiency and safety.


Add Calling Kohmar to Your Laundry List of Tasks

You probably don’t think about your dryer vents every day or even every week, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

You don’t want to let a fire hazard fester in your home or just go weeks without drying your laundry. Kohmar is here to provide you with fast and effective deep dryer vent cleaning services in Richmond, VA.

Call us today to convert your clogged vent to full capacity again.

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