Reliable HVAC Coil Cleaning Based in Richmond, VA


Maintaining your HVAC system is vital to maintaining your home’s comfort and health. This doesn’t just mean cleaning your ducts and vents, but also keeping an eye on the internal workings of your HVAC unit.


This is especially true for your evaporator and condenser coils.


These coils are essential for your home and office’s AC process. Over time these coils become dirty and less efficient. That means less effective air conditioning and more wasted energy, decreasing your HVAC unit’s life while increasing your monthly energy bills.


Don’t let your HVAC coils get in the way of your comfort.


With regular coil cleaning and maintenance performed by the professionals at Kohmar, you can live more comfortably in your home or work without breaking a sweat in your office. Through our transparent process and decades of certified experience, you can breathe easier knowing your HVAC coils are no longer an issue.


HVAC Coils Keep Your Building Cool


While you may have a basic idea of how your HVAC unit works, you probably haven’t dug into the inner workings. This makes sense: out of sight, out of mind.


This mindset could lead to issues down the road, especially if you neglect regularly caring for your evaporator and condenser coils. Before you can understand the problems old coils can cause, it’s important to understand why they’re so important.


Evaporator Coils


Located inside your HVAC unit, these coils remove heat from the air. By utilizing refrigerant, these coils rapidly cool the warm air as it passes through your HVAC unit while also absorbing the heat. That cold air is then distributed throughout your home or office via your air ducts.


Condenser Coils


If evaporator coils cool the air that goes through your building, then condenser coils perform the opposite function. These coils grab the heat from the evaporator coils and distribute it back into the outside air, keeping it from getting into your air ducts.


Both coils are vital to your HVAC unit’s air conditioning functions. Without them, hot air couldn’t be cooled and distributed, leaving the hot with nowhere to go.


How Do Coils Get Dirty?


Just like your air ducts, your HVAC coils are prone to wear and tear over time. Even with filters surrounding your unit, particulates are bound to make their way to your vital coils.


Condenser coils exist outside of the HVAC unit, which means they come in direct contact with the outside air and the elements. From dust and debris to wind and rain, these coils can take a serious beating throughout their lifespan.


While evaporator coils live inside the unit, they can still gather dust and other particulates. There is a filter in place to reduce the number of particulates that pass through. Even still, smaller dust and dirt particles can make their way inside, especially if you’re not regularly changing or cleaning the filter itself.


Dirty Coils Lead to Dirty Air


Just like with your HVAC unit and air ducts, there are many risks to not regularly maintaining your HVAC coils:


  • Increased energy costs: As more debris and particulates cover your filter and coils, less air can pass through. That means your unit has to work harder in order to move the same amount of air. The harder it works, the more energy it requires. The more energy it uses, the higher your bill each month.
  • Reduced equipment lifespan: Your HVAC unit can only run for so long. While it and the coils have a natural lifecycle, this lifespan can be greatly shortened through increased energy usage. As they work harder and for longer, the unit itself is quickly deteriorating. That means you’ll have to invest in replacement parts or even upgrading the unit sooner than expected.
  • Poor air quality: HVAC units create the ideal environment for bacteria and mold to grow. While air ducts are well known to become humid during the summer, this is also true for your coils. As particulates gather, they can lead to bacteria as well. And since the air doesn’t run through a second filtering process after being cooled, any bacteria on the evaporator coil can easily be spread throughout your air ducts.


Essentially, neglecting your HVAC coils can have serious effects on your wallet and the comfort of the people living and working in your building.


Professional HVAC Coil Cleaning Designed For You


When your dirty condenser and evaporator coils are affecting your daily life, you need a reliable solution. You need the certified HVAC technicians at Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning.


With decades of experience and dedication to customer service, Kohmar is your turnkey solution for all your HVAC unit needs. We specialize in deep cleaning your air ducts and HVAC coils.


From residential systems to complex industrial units, we have the tools and the skills to help you breathe easier. Your coils will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized through our streamlined process.


With consistent updates and transparent pricing, you’ll never be left in the dark about your HVAC cleaning project. Our expert technicians are NADCA certified and experienced in using specialized tools to ensure your HVAC unit is free of debris and bacteria.


Residential Coil Cleaning


Your HVAC system keeps your family nice and cool during the summer. Without regular coil maintenance, your family home could become a bacteria-filled sauna.


Don’t sacrifice your family’s comfort. Kohmar’s professional HVAC experts can deep clean your HVAC coils, improving your home’s air quality and saving you money on your energy bill.


Commercial Coil Cleaning


From a small office to an industrial complex, your HVAC system keeps your workforce working efficiently. Without effective AC and air quality, you can put your customers and employees at risk.


For your expansive HVAC and AC systems, you need to call on the experts at Kohmar. Our certified technicians have experience deep cleaning complex and demanding HVAC units.


You can rest easy knowing your business will have high-quality coil cleaning.


Certified, Customer-First Process


Kohmar is committed to your satisfaction. That’s why our coil cleaning process is thorough and transparent. We want you to know exactly why and how your important HVAC system is being cleaned.


Our process includes:


  • Vacuuming any loose debris from the coils
  • Applying environmentally friendly solutions to dissolve all contaminants on the coils
  • Rinsing coils to remove all contaminants
  • Examining coils to ensure a thorough cleaning


From the initial consultation to the final review, you’ll be involved every step of the way.


Breathe Easy With Clean Coils


For all your HVAC cleaning needs, call on the certified professionals at Kohmar. From air ducts and HVAC coils, our experienced team and specialized equipment get the job done right the first time.


Based in Richmond, VA, we serve clients throughout the South-Cental United States. We can travel across Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.


For your home or office, call us to set up an initial consultation.