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Air Duct Sealing with Aeroseal in Richmond, VA

The best way to put a stop to air duct leaks

Leaks, must and excessive dust are the not-so secret ingredients for poor indoor air quality. Many buildings have unsealed air ducts which leak mold, dust and other pollutants inside your home — now that’s gross.

You might think your allergies are caused by the great outdoors but your sneezes might have a different source. In reality, you typically spend up to 90% of your time indoors and that air can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than what you’re breathing outside.

Don’t risk your family or employees becoming part of the growing population of people diagnosed with asthma.

On top of health concerns, unsealed ducts can waste hundreds of dollars on your energy bills each year as 25% to 40% of your conditioned air slips out of leaks in your ducts.

These stats can be scary but don’t worry, you don’t have to move into a tent in the backyard.

Kohmar has the duct solutions you need. Sometimes you have to take the next step beyond air duct cleaning and make some much needed repairs. That’s why our team uses Aeroseal to reduce air leakage up to 95%.

The best part is Aeroseal is not just some quick fix. This is a state-of-the-art material that can be used to easily seal hidden ducts for years to come. Aeroseal guarantees 10 years of tightly sealed ducts but the product is projected to last for 40 years. It has helped homeowners get their buildings up to code, protect their family’s health and save money.


High Efficiency and Low Energy Costs

Skyrocketing bills and uneven temperatures are dead giveaways that your HVAC system is not working properly. One of the reasons could be that your ductwork is in bad shape.

When your ducts are letting air loose you could be losing up to $.30 for every $1 spent on heating and cooling.

Even if you install a brand-new HVAC system, you still could experience these same issues over and over again.

Your system can filter, heat and cool air all day long but if it’s leaking from your ducts, you’re just blowing money away.

These leaks also might trick you into buying a bigger HVAC system than you need. Kohmar will make sure your ducts are sealed so you’re not overspending or buying a system that isn’t compatible.

The best part? Aeroseal customers see 20-30% savings on their energy bills after getting their ducts sealed. How cool is that?

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Aeroseal air duct sealing job in North Carolina. Large clear tube is being used to transfer sealant into air ducts.

Healthier Indoor Airflow Thanks to Aeroseal

When it comes to increasing your health and quality of life, it always seems like the responsibility falls on you. Whether it’s getting more vegetables, increasing time spent exercising or trying new vitamins you have to work for it.

You won’t have to lift a finger while Kohmar seals your air ducts with Aeroseal, ensuring a healthier life for years to come.

If your ducts are leaking, it can cause significantly more allergens to enter your building. It can even contribute to growing humidity and everyone’s everyday enemy — mold. With a properly sealed air duct you can halt humid and unconditioned air from entering your system and prevent mold from growing in your ducts.

Mold exposure is no joke. You could develop persistent symptoms such as:

  • Red or watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Wheezing
  • Irritated skin
  • Coughing

Everyone is at risk of mold-related health issues but people with asthma, allergies, lung disease or suppressed immune systems are more likely to be negatively impacted.

Don’t Underestimate a Dusty Duct

Have you seen the inside of a dirty air duct? A quick Google search and you’ll understand, there’s tons of dust coating the sides and floating through the middle.

When you think about dust you probably aren’t super concerned and that’s typically okay. Your everyday items will gather some dust occasionally but when your ducts are leaking the problem goes far beyond some dusty shelves.

Leaky ducts move around a lot more dust and you could be breathing unconditioned air from high spaces and hidden places.

Dust has been connected to health concerns such as asthma, allergic reactions and other respiratory issues.

Kohmar proudly uses Aeroseal because it has a track record of improving indoor air quality. Customers have reported a decrease in health issues after there was less insulation fibers and mold spores circulating in their home.

Aeroseal even provides case studies outlining how their product has helped clients. Learn more about how it helps reduce health issues, keeps you building code compliant and improves your HVAC system. 

How Does Aeroseal Work?

It’s not magic but Aeroseal is impressive. This innovative aerosol-based sealant is blown inside your ductwork. As it travels through your ducts it seals your leaks. The best part is you don’t have to duct and cover throughout the process. It won’t hurt you or any sensitive objects.

Aeroseal FAQ

Seal Leaks

Aeroseal travels through the ducts in your home to reach any and all leaks. This method means it’s possible to fix hard to reach places such as ducts hidden behind walls or located in your attic. You’ll even get to see exactly how much your leakage is reduced by.

Save Time

Are you used to home improvements taking forever? It takes less than a day to reduce your leakage by more than 90%. Dry time varies for each project but for most homes it only takes about two hours for the Aeroseal to dry in your ducts.

Stay Safe

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are gasses that come from solids and liquids such as certain paints, fuels, dry cleaning agents and pharmaceuticals. These compounds can decrease your indoor air quality. Luckily, independent labs have found that Aerosol is very low in VOCs.

Improve Airflow

Once all of those pesky leaks are sealed, your air should start flowing better. No more dead zones, uneven temperatures, unsuspected humidity or uncomfortable rooms. In addition to more air, you’ll block out irritating dust, dirt and allergens.

Duct Air Leakage Testing: Find Out What’s Up with Your Ducts

Duct Air Leakage Testing (DALT) is the perfect precursor to your Aeroseal services or stands strong on its own. If you’re looking for secret leaks, this test can find them at duct joints, seams and penetrations.

It takes special equipment to determine if leaks are present in your HVAC equipment.

Kohmar will test your ducts for you. This helps you determine if you need Aeroseal air duct sealing and gives you valuable data about your house.

If you’re hoping for your new construction to have an environmentally friendly designation it must have a DALT test before the structure is ready for use. Kohmar partners with contractors all over Richmond and Virginia to test commercial and residential structures.

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If you’re suffering from poor airflow, low air quality, uneven room temperatures or an overworked HVAC it’s probably time to seal your ducts.

Our team handles residential projects across the Richmond Metro Region and commercial projects all over Virginia.

Get your ducts in a row with a team of experts using the most reliable technology in the industry.

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