Certified Air Duct Sealing Technicians in Virginia


Your air ducts can often feel like an afterthought – out of sight, out of mind. While your HVAC system runs in the background of your home or commercial building, your ducts begin to wear over time. One of the first things to go is the sealing connecting each section of your air ducts.


A broken seal means less air circulating around your building. Leaks cause your HVAC system to use more energy to do the same job. Now your energy bills are rising, and your home or office isn’t as comfortable as it used to be.


Don’t forget about your air duct sealing. The air duct sealing experts at Kohmar can repair and maintain your sealing to keep your HVAC system running efficiently.


Keep Your HVAC System Efficient


Air ducts are responsible for carrying the air in your home from your heating/AC unit to your living space and from room to room. When they have leaks, your HVAC system is not operating at optimal efficiency. Your building loses heated air or is heated unevenly.


Over time, the sealant around your air ducts wears down and causes these leaks. Your HVAC system needs to work harder in order to keep your home at the same temperature and air quality. This not only raises your energy bills but also reduces the life span of your HVAC system.


In order to keep your home or office comfortable and energy-efficient, your air ducts require regular maintenance and deep cleaning. Whether you’ve noticed changes in your indoor air quality, or it’s been a while since the last check-up, it’s never a bad time to contact a certified air duct cleaning company.


Experienced Technicians On Your Side


When your air duct seal leaks, you need air duct maintenance experts. Kohmar’s team of air duct technicians has the NADCA certifications and on-the-job experience to do the job right. Our team brings decades of experience to your residential and commercial air duct systems.


Our dedication to customer service and quality results drives all of our projects. Whether it’s a residential air duct repair or an industrial air duct system, no job is too big or small for our professional team. Our process is transparent


Kohmar’s Air Duct Sealing Process


Here’s what you can expect when you choose Kohmar for sealing your air ducts:


  • Technicians will arrive with state-of-the-art equipment and prepare your HVAC system.
  • All electronics and items will be covered and protected.
  • Your HVAC system will be blocked at all vents and registers so that the only way air can escape is through leaks in the ductwork.
  • Aeroseal machine tests to determine the current duct air leakage.
  • The sealant formula is distributed in your duct system while monitoring your system as it is applied.
  • When complete, our technicians give you a certification of completion along with the measurements of system improvements.


After your air ducts are sealed, you’ll start to notice a reduction in energy costs and better comfort for your occupants. Rooms will heat evenly throughout the building and you might even notice better indoor air quality because of a reduction in dust.


Using Aeroseal For Long-Lasting Repairs


In order to get the best results, we use Aeroseal sealing products. Sealing your air ducts with Aeroseal restores comfort to your home by sealing air ducts from the inside.


Aeroseal is the cutting-edge technology that helps optimize your duct system’s efficiency. Using a polymer that sticks to and fills in the holes in your air ducts, Aeroseal application can reduce duct leakage in your home by 95%.


By using Aeroseal’s proven sealing technology, you’re ensuring your building is safer and more efficient. Their high-quality formula keeps the sealant lasting for years. That means less air escaping your ducts, and more clean air circulating around your building.


How Often Should You Seal Air Ducts?


Aeroseal’s polymer is a one-of-a-kind durable material that is backed by a 10-year warranty. It is guaranteed to withstand the regular maintenance and cleaning of your ductwork. Aeroseal expects that you may never need to seal your duct system again for 40 years.


That makes Aeroseal a one-time process!


The sooner you get your air ducts sealed, the sooner you can start saving money on your HVAC system and the sooner the process will pay for itself.


If you have any questions about Aeroseal and its technology, please consult these PDF’s:


 Aeroseal FAQ


Veterans House Case Study


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Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning works on residential and commercial projects across the east coast. Stationed in Richmond and serving the Mid-Atlantic region, Kohmar’s team of HVAC experts can deep clean your air ducts and reseal your ducts using Aeroseal’s reliable technology.


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