Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Richmond, VA


Vital to Any Healthy Building or Home


Your air ducts are important for your home or business’s air quality. They keep your indoor air from staying still, circulating clean air around your building. Yet over time they can become dirty and begin to circulate dust particles.


While a seemingly small problem at first, it can severely damage your environment if left unchecked. Mold growth and a build up of particles in your ducts can damage your indoor air quality and skyrocket your energy bill.


You need to ensure that your home and office are safe from particulates in the air. You need certified professionals to thoroughly clean your air ducts to keep your home or office safe. You need Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning.


Air Duct Cleaning Keeps You Safe


A clean HVAC system is a happy HVAC system. As your HVAC system circulates air around your building, it moves stale indoor air outside and brings fresh outdoor air inside. Because of this process, your ducts are bound to pick up particulates in the air, like dirt and dust.


Over time, these particulates build up and can make it difficult for your HVAC system to work properly. Not only will dust and dirt spread throughout your home, but your air conditioning system will have to work harder to circulate the same amount of air, costing you more on your energy bill


Without regular maintenance and cleaning, your air ducts could pose a serious threat to the health of your family or patrons. When your air ducts need a quick but deep cleaning, Kohmar should be your first call.


Serving Where Air Conditioning is Needed Most


Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning is a team of professional HVAC cleaning technicians with decades of experience in the industry. We’re certified by NADCA to thoroughly clean your air ducts and HVAC system to keep it running at full efficiency.


Kohmar specializes in serving commercial and residential buildings along the southeast coast. From small family homes to industrial factories, and everything in between, we can make sure your air ducts are clean and your HVAC system is running efficiently.


Convenient Residential Air Duct Cleaning


Your home sees a lot of activity throughout its life. From furry friends shedding during the year, kids tracking dirt through the halls, and the general wear and tear every home experiences. Over time, particulates fly through your home as your HVAC system gets dirtier and less efficient.


The team of HVAC specialists at Kohmar provide expert air duct cleaning services to residential properties in the Richmond area, including Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover and other surrounding counties.


Kohmar’s experienced duct cleaners perform inspections of your HVAC system for any leaks or breakages. We then clean all contaminants and sanitize your ductwork so you can enjoy improved indoor air quality. Our goal is to make sure you breathe easier in your home.


Efficient Commercial Air Duct Cleaning


No matter how clean your office or commercial building is, it can always fall victim to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). As dirty air circulates throughout your building, due to particulate build-up and mold growth, your commercial facility can become musty and sustain poor air quality.


In order to keep your employees healthy, your office or business space needs a clean air duct. Kohmar’s HVAC specialists have the experience and tools to clean commercial air ducts. We offer our thorough cleaning services to businesses across Richmond, Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads and Charlottesville.


Kohmar performs inspections of your HVAC system for any leaks or breakages. We then clean all contaminants and sanitize your ductwork. Your staff will breathe easier with improved air quality. You’ll breathe easier knowing you’ve kept them safe.


Kohmar’s In-Depth Air Duct Cleaning Process


Our customers are our number one priority. We understand how one mistake with your HVAC system could shut down your office or inconvenience your family. That’s valuable time and money wasted.


To keep you worry-free, we openly inform you about the process we use to clean air ducts in your residential or commercial building.


Here’s what you can expect when you choose Kohmar for sealing your air ducts:


Our process includes a thorough investigation of your building to assess the scope of work required. We do what we can to make air duct cleaning a predictable and manageable expense to encourage routine cleaning before dusty air quality or black mold becomes a larger problem.


  • Technicians will arrive with state-of-the-art equipment to prepare your HVAC system.
  • All electronics and items will be covered and protected.
  • Your HVAC system will be blocked at all vents and registers so that the only way air can escape is through leaks in the ductwork.
  • Our Aeroseal machine tests to determine the current duct air leakage.
  • The sealant formula is distributed in your duct system while monitoring your system as it is applied.
  • When complete, our technicians give you a certification of completion along with the measurements of system improvements.


Following cleaning, we’ll take an “After” photo to show that the air ducts have been thoroughly cleaned. All access ports will be closed and sealed airtight, allowing for future maintenance and cleaning. All supply and return registers will be reinstalled. All work areas will be cleaned up and all equipment will be removed.

Finally, all filters will be inspected, any additional recommendations will be provided, and the system will be reactivated and tested before our technicians make their way to their next job.


Breathe Easier


If your air ducts are in need of serious cleaning and maintenance, contact Kohmar.


Our team of specialists will deep clean your air ducts and HVAC system, all while keeping you informed during every step of the process. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation and start to breathe easier.