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HVAC Cleaning and Repairs for Richmond, VA Single and Multi-Family Residential Properties

Breathe Easier at Home

They say home is where the heart is. But if you’re not careful, that’ll also be where the dust, mold and dirt is.

You can vacuum the floors and wipe your shelves every day but pollutants can still duct and hide behind every corner.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a farmhouse, suburban townhome or an apartment complex – your ducts will get dirty.

With the right tools and certifications, your ducts are easy to clean and your HVAC is easy to fix. But when armed with only a Youtube video and a standard vacuum, the task at hand becomes impossible.

Choosing to put off needed maintenance or settling for a DIY solution is not an option when it comes to your health and your energy bill. Oh yeah… we forgot to mention, ineffective air ducts and HVAC systems quickly run up your monthly electric costs.

Kohmar is the number one choice of homeowners, property managers and landlords across Central Virginia for air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, HVAC hygiene and repairs.


Trust a Family Business With Your Family’s Business

Brothers Brian and Jason Kohring run Kohmar with pride. They are all about providing the safest, cleanest, healthiest environment for your family.

The Kohmar team is fully certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association and is always working towards more certifications. Our team isn’t just smart though, they’re also trustworthy. We’re a close-knit and family-driven staff that values the work we do.

Our crew always has your best interests in mind. You can trust all of your HVAC cleaning and repairs will be speedy and effective.

Level Up Your Duct Work!

When it comes to duct work, we’ve got stories. Just like your apartment complex. Years in the industry have prepared us for even the biggest residential jobs.

Our team confidently cleans up the ducts in apartment buildings, townhomes, duplexes and other multi-family living spaces. Whether it’s 2 floors or twelve, Kohmar can clear the air up there.

Whether it’s pet hair, dust, dirt or mold, HVAC systems in apartment complexes are always grinding it out. Consistency is hard when every unit wants a different temperature.

Kohmar can get your ducts up to snuff to keep your tenants happy and free up your maintenance team for other tasks. Our Richmond-based team travels statewide for large residential air duct cleaning jobs.

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Our Vacuums Suck (In a Good Way)

The Kohmar truck that arrives in your driveway for duct cleaning oozes professionalism. We don’t believe in second best. That’s why we invest in cutting edge equipment that impresses crew and clients alike.

Our Biltwel duct cleaning truck comes complete with large inflatable bags and is one mean  machine when it comes to maxing out your HVAC cleaning.

This beast of a truck uses a push/pull system to remove all of the filth from your air ducts. Say goodbye to dust, debris and air pollutants as they get pulled through the big yellow tube and into the bags.

An added bonus for all of the homeowners out there is that our equipment is super portable! Our trucks handle narrow roads, cul de sacs and small driveways with ease.



Ready for Introductions?

Are you noticing issues with your HVAC? Have you never had your HVAC looked at before? Do you suspect you need help but have no idea where to start?

You need clean air and low energy bills and Kohmar is here to help you get it. That’s why our team cleans ducts and so much more.

Don’t let uncertainty leave you stuck with dirty and dingy ducts.

We offer:

Our HVAC experts can point you in the right direction, from maintenance and sealing to inspections and cleaning.


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Whether you’re looking after your small family or managing an entire apartment complex, you can’t put off essential cleaning and maintenance.

Call Kohmar to get the best air duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance in Richmond.

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