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Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services in Goochland, VA

How to Get the Best Air Ducts in the County

Have you ever peeked inside of a dirty air duct? They’re filled with layers of dust and sometimes even piles of debris. If you’re really unlucky, there’s even mold creeping around inside of your HVAC.

If you keep skipping air duct cleanings, it’ll let that dust and those contaminants leak into the air you breathe. Not to mention, you’ll be in a constant battle against dust all around your home or business! Whether it’s your air ducts, dryer vents or your full HVAC system that needs cleaning, they can all put a damper on hygiene and energy efficiency.

For the best heating and air you can imagine, you need a thoroughly cleaned duct system and dryer vents. Kohmar offers the best air duct cleaning in Goochland, VA. Our experienced team is stacked with National Air Duct Cleaners Association certifications and stays up to date on the latest training and tools. Count on the Kohmar duct cleaning crew to arrive at your property with the best air duct vacuum trucks and tools in Goochland County.

Call us today to improve your indoor air quality and energy efficiency thanks to a thorough refresh of your ductwork.



Your Choice of Cutting-Edge Services in Goochland, VA

Getting a clean HVAC system isn’t just about vacuuming out your air ducts. Kohmar offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of homeowners and commercial property managers across Goochland. All of our services follow the same goals of helping decrease energy bills, improving indoor air quality, and increasing HVAC longevity.

Choose from our cleaning and inspection offerings including:

  • Air Duct Cleaning: Get your ducts completely cleared up and vacuumed out to help your HVAC push around fresh clean air with ease.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: Let’s get rid of the dryer lint and dust sitting in your dryer ducts, blocking much-needed air and looming as a fire hazard.
  • HVAC Hygiene Maintenance: Stay on track towards a consistently clean HVAC system with our preventative maintenance package for your coils, filters, drain pans and more.
  • HVAC Mechanical Insulation: Encapsulate your HVAC systems pipes, ductwork and more to hold onto your heated and cooled air.
  • High-Elevation Cleaning: You need a cleaning service from a certified team using hydraulic lifts to reach places beyond your tallest ladder.
  • Air Duct Sealing: Aeroseal is the best way to put a stop to pesky and persistent air duct leaks.
  • NADCA Inspection Reporting: Kohmar conducts HVAC inspections and either gives you a clean bill of health or points you to services needed to fix up your system.
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation: Seal and insulate your crawl space to help it stand up against moisture, mold and pests.
  • Air Duct Encapsulation: Stop fibers, mold and pollutants from becoming airborne by coating the inside of your ductwork with an antimicrobial sealant.


Kohmar’s Air Quality Mission in Goochland, VA

When it comes to home improvement services like duct cleaning and sealing, you need a company you can trust to treat your home with care and respect. Kohmar’s air duct cleaning technicians are well-vetted, stacked with National Air Duct Cleaners Association certifications, and have raked in hundreds of five-star reviews.

Our goal is to always provide a safer service that improves your indoor air quality, increases energy efficiency and helps your HVAC last longer.

As your most trusted local service providers in Goochland, our team scales each service to your specific property.

Don’t wade through the scam offers in your local Facebook groups or settle for a company trying to push air duct cleaning on the side. Kohmar makes the air you breathe our top priority. As a family-owned small business, our team is fully dedicated to cleaning and improving your ductwork.



Crushing the Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Jobs in Goochland, VA

Don’t let the dust settle in your ducts or allow your HVAC to keep struggling. Contaminated air and malfunctioning systems can lead to discomfort and dissatisfaction among employees and customers.

You don’t want to worry about everyone in your building sweating, sniffling and sneezing. Without proper care, your HVAC could be driving people out of your business. Not to mention, you could be wracking up massive energy bills trying to fight back against an inefficient HVAC.

Kohmar’s experienced team provides comprehensive air duct cleaning services, including vacuuming, disinfecting, duct sealing, and maintenance for commercial properties in Goochland, VA.

Call us for the once-in-a-decade jobs like air duct sealing or we can visit regularly for preventative maintenance and air filter cleaning. Whatever your business needs, Kohmar is here to ensure your business stays safe, comfortable, and profitable.


Bring in the Benefits of a Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Much of the cleaning or maintenance in a building can be done as a DIY task with the right research, patience and skill. Air duct cleaning services are a huge exception to this. Your home vacuum and a wet rag don’t stand a chance against the dust and debris that Kohmar finds in air ducts all around Virginia.

Professional air duct cleaning can:

  1. Improve indoor air quality
  2. Reduce allergens and irritants
  3. Create a cleaner living environment
  4. Eliminate unpleasant odors
  5. Improve HVAC efficiency
  6. Extend system and filter lifespan


Get Your Ducts in a Row in Goochland, VA

Your ducts shouldn’t be a hideout for dust and debris. Kohmar’s duct-busting vacuum trucks and thorough cleaning services are just a call away.

Don’t spend any more time stressing about dusty,dingy, dirty ducts. Let the team at Kohmar be the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for.

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