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Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Services in York County, VA

Clear Out the Must and Dust

Hidden away in your air ducts is years of built up dust and dirt. Some homeowners who have put off cleaning or setting up moisture remedies are shocked to discover there’s mold creeping around in their house.

The air you breathe every day should be fresh and clean. If your air ducts and HVAC are filthy, you’re set up for failure. Lousy air quality can trigger allergies and cause excessive buildups of dust around your home or business.

Don’t let dirty air sneak through your ducts. Kohmar’s team is dedicated to a better clean for your entire HVAC system. Our specialized vacuum trucks, air duct expertise and industry-leading tools are key to getting the cleanest ducts and HVAC in York County.

Each service includes a free estimate, a visit from our friendly crew stacked with National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certifications, and shocking results proven by before and after images.


A Better Clean Leads to More Green

Did you know that dirty ducts aren’t just bad for your health? They also play a part in your heating and cooling costs.

When pollutants and dust clog up your air flow, your HVAC has to put in overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature. Instead of your perfectly conditioned air flowing free it’s struggling to push through a blocked up system.

Kohmar will reopen the path for your heated and cooled air. Your HVAC can run as intended when your air flows with ease. This cuts down on energy costs and helps your HVAC run longer.

Your supply lines, intake, return ducts and air handler will be made spic and span. Don’t waste your money on air that’ll never reach you, instead invest in a clean and energy efficient network of air ducts.

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaners That Mean Business in York County, VA

Running a business is loads of work and your commercial property shouldn’t go neglected. Whether you want to increase customer comfort or create a great work environment for employees, better air quality always helps.

Whether it’s a thorough vacuuming, intense disinfecting, beneficial duct sealing or hygiene maintenance – our knowledge, dedication and expertise are unmatched.

Other Yorktown air duct cleaning companies don’t always have the equipment, certifications or manpower to tackle a large commercial gig. Kohmar has all the essentials for scaling work from small properties to massive warehouses and office buildings.

Give our commercial team a call to find the right services for sprucing up your property’s air quality and energy efficiency.



HVAC Services Perfect for Your Property

Kohmar goes above and beyond all over the county. Our services don’t stop at air duct cleanings, check out our list of comprehensive options:


Trust the Best Duct Bustin’ Team in York County

Kohmar is all about the results. Your air systems can go from filthy and full to sparkling and spacious thanks to our kick duct crew.

No matter what service you need, rest easy knowing it’ll be carried out with the best equipment in the biz. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your air quality, call Kohmar for top-notch air duct cleanings.

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