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Professional High-Elevation Cleaning in Williamsburg, VA

Got Dust That’s Way Out of Reach? Time to Take Action

Don’t let out of sight, out of mind become your motto when it comes to dust, dirt and cobwebs. Just because contaminants aren’t at eye level, doesn’t mean they can’t drag down your air quality or damage HVAC equipment.

For dust that is so close, yet so far, you need high elevation cleaning equipment. Kohmar puts hydraulic lifts to work for indoor and outdoor cleanings around Williamsburg, VA.

Our certified crew reaches beyond your tallest ladder to clean high-ceilinged rooms, exterior vents, large warehouses, exposed ductwork, industrial plants and more.

Call the experts at Kohmar to see immediate results in places usually prone to dirt, dust and grime.

High-Elevation Cleanings for Inside and Out

Your business needs spotless windows, ceilings, vents and walls. When you’re slammed with maintaining all the other aspects of your building, Kohmar has the tools and the team to help. Get the fast and accurate scopes you need with high elevation cleaning that brings quick results.

Interior and Ceiling Cleanings

Are your high-up places coated with dust? Whether you’re operating a place customers visit frequently or a warehouse with high-safety needs, you can’t leave that dust to linger. Kohmar offers meticulous and well-equipped cleaning services to keep dust out of your ceilings, off your exposed ducts and out of electrical wires.

Outdoor and Vent Cleanings

Do you have a multi-story building with vents that often get neglected? Kohmar’s certified vent cleaners use hydraulic lifts to safely reach the vents all along your building. This makes sure fire hazards don’t run rampant in your building.

Exceptional Equipment for Remarkable Results

Kohmar utilizes top-of-the-line hydraulic lifts to make high-elevation cleanings safe, straightforward and successful.

Once our crew members are hoisted into the air, they use professional-grade cleaning tools to get the job done. Your hard-to-reach spaces are cleaned with portable and negative-pressure tools.

Our National Air Duct Cleaning Association Certified team uses the latest and greatest technology to get you the best results possible.

Dust-free interiors and vents are nothing to sneeze at, you’ll love these results.

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How to Stay Dust-Free

Ready to keep your Williamsburg business clean and healthy with ease?

Annual or bi-annual high-elevation cleanings can reach the places that you can’t on a regular basis. Kohmar will improve the appearance and safety of your business significantly.

If it’s vent problems or ductwork issues that are cramping your style, you can address dust at every level. Clean your air ducts, seal them up or empty out dryer vents with help from Kohmar.

Whether the dust is inside or outside of your ducts, your HVAC and lungs will appreciate clean and free-flowing air.

Elevate Your Cleaning Routine in Williamsburg

Don’t leave your windows, ceilings, walls, wires and vents coated in problematic dust or dirt. You can say farewell to far away contaminants.

Kohmar brings the lift, tools and manpower needed to handle the trickiest cleanings in town. Give us a call today for high-quality and detailed high elevations cleanings.

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