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Air Duct Cleaning Services for Government Buildings in Richmond, VA

Improving the Air in Your Workspace and Public Space

Have you noticed rising energy bills, musty air or increased dust? It may be time to improve your HVAC’s efficiency with a thorough and professional cleaning.

Government buildings see a lot of daily use which puts pressure on your HVAC system and increases the dirt and pollutants that build up inside. If you want to keep a high indoor air quality (IAQ) you need to regularly vacuum your air ducts, check for leaks and keep up with HVAC system cleaning. 

Air duct cleaning requires industrial specialty vacuums and certifications from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Your HVAC system is complicated and so many pieces can become dirty or worn-out as you heat and cool your building. 

Kohmar’s professional air duct and HVAC cleaners have traveled around Virginia to clean government facilities including military bases, prisons, office buildings, fire departments and courts. 


Kohmar employee cleaning ceiling panel during air duct cleaning service in government office building with cubicles.

Healthy Buildings for a Healthy Community

As a government facility, you’re held to a higher standard than private facilities. People in your community look to these buildings to provide services, keep local governments functioning and uphold their way of life.

From firefighters preparing to save lives, people filing into a traffic court or military members training for service, you’re going to need to keep their air clean.

Your building’s air HVAC system can grow mold, fungi, bacteria and dust particles, if left unmonitored. That could lead to illness for employees or building occupants.

Kohmar specializes in eliminating these contaminants from even the most complex air duct structures.

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Competitive Air Duct Cleaning for Large-Scale Projects

Virginia is home to a huge number of federal, state and local government facilities. Kohmar is positioned to provide a number of HVAC cleaning services for single and multi-building locations.

Located in Richmond, you can rely on our powerhouse crew for air duct cleaning, HVAC hygiene maintenance and air duct sealing in the following locations:

  • Central Virginia and Richmond
  • Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C.
  • Eastern Virginia and Hampton Roads
  • Virginia’s Piedmont Region and Charlottesville
  • The Northern I-95 Corridor and Fredericksburg

Kohmar is no stranger to the bidding process for local, state and federal government contracts. You will receive a competitive proposal with an accurate scope and guaranteed quick turn around.

Government projects get a bad reputation for lasting longer than needed. Kohmar gets the job done on time and offers efficient and effective cleaning.


HVAC Cleaning Services for Virginia Municipal and Military Buildings

Regardless of building size it can be challenging to figure out what’s wrong with your HVAC system. You can’t see or reach many of the system’s components to investigate if there is a hygiene or functionality issue.

Kohmar starts every air duct and HVAC job with a consultation to determine exactly what services your building could benefit from. You can choose one-time services such as air duct sealing or annual contracts to ensure your building stays clean and efficient.

Kohmar recommends the following services for Virginia government buildings:

Proven Track Record for Handling High-Profile Jobs

The crew at Kohmar is qualified and trained to handle highly sensitive air duct and HVAC cleaning situations. When it comes to government run facilities the tasks can be much more complicated than those at a residential home.

Kohmar has experience working in Virginia’s state prisons, juvenile justice centers and more. It takes a considerable amount of resources to conduct work in a prison environment.

Kohmar can conduct the inspections and cleanings needed to keep long-term residential facilities running. During these high-profile jobs, safety is a number one concern and there are never any supplies dropped or left behind.

In addition to prison facilities, Kohmar also has experience working at large complexes including military bases.


Top-Level Cleaning For Every Branch of Government

Your government facility has to remain clean and safe for all who use it. Kohmar knows this better than anyone and is prepared to help ensure your systems are operating effectively.

Call Kohmar today to get a cleaner and more efficient HVAC system.

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