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Best Choice for Dryer Vent Cleaning in Williamsburg

Maximize Your Dryer’s Abilities and Prevent Accidents

Built-up dryer lint can be a recipe for disaster.

Best case scenario, you are constantly restarting your dryer or waiting forever for the clothes to dry.

Worst case scenario, a little mechanical spark can send your entire dryer into flames.

Cleaning out your lint trap everyday only does so much to help. Your fuzz, junk, lint and dust can clump and clog your system.

Your dryer vents need dependable deep cleanings to get rid of your left-behind lint. Kohmar has the tools and knowledge to get every last dust bunny out of your dryer vents. Our Williamsburg team is ready to help you prevent fires and keep those laundry days as short as possible.

How to Spot a Dirty Dryer Vent

As you load and unload laundry from your dryer each week, you most likely are not giving your dryer vents a second thought. But, there are actually tell-tale signs that you have filthy vents in need of a deep cleaning.

Don’t Just Vent, Take Action!

If you let the little issues with your dryer roll off your back, you could end up in a tough spot. Without your dryer you’re stuck hanging up all of your clothes around your house or out in the yard. No one wants panties on the porch or linens in the living room.

Don’t leave your laundry out to dry, make a plan for getting your dryer up and running. If your vents are clogged, it can cause your machine to overheat or ignite items blowing around in your ducts.

Or it could make it impossible for the wet air to escape through your vents. That leaves your clothes just spinning in a big cloud of moisture. Your utility company doesn’t care if your clothes come out dry or not, you’re still going to pay just as much for running a dryer cycle.

Put a stop to your dryer dilemma, air out those vents ASAP.

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Commercial, Collegiate and Multi-Family Dryer Vent Cleanings in Williamsburg, VA

Do you have a massive project that you need knocked out? Do your dryer vent problems go far beyond one machine?

Kohmar has the rock star resources and team to handle even the largest commercial dryer vent cleaning jobs. If you’re worried about multi-story buildings, don’t sweat it. We’ve got the lifts and portable equipment to reach for the stars.

Our NADCA-certified technicians have worked everywhere from schools and government buildings to massive commercial facilities. Kohmar’s hard-working crew can make your dryer vent problems vanish into thin air.

Whether you need help with a small apartment building or you want to clean out the largest dorm on William and Mary’s campus – you can depend on Kohmar.

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Kohmar’s Dryer Cleaning Laundry List

Your dryer vents need more than a shop-vac or wet wipe.

Kohmar’s kick-duct equipment is custom built to clear out residential and commercial dryer vents. Our top-of-the-line trucks are great for homes and our portable equipment can reach the very top of big dorms and apartments.

When it comes to our process, you’ll never be left out to dry. Kohmar is all about customer service, health and safety.

There’s just a few simple steps for expert dryer vent cleanings:

  1. Our certified crew inspects your entire dryer exhaust system
  2. You receive any repair recommendations
  3. Before pictures are taken of your lint-clogged dryer vent
  4. Air tests are done to measure extent of issues
  5. All debris is cleaned out of your dryer vent using high-pressure air whips
  6. After pictures are taken of your freshly cleaned dryer vent
  7. Crews perform air testing to show improved efficiency
  8. You get a dryer vent with maximum air flow

Whether it’s just a cleaning, 100 cleanings or a few repairs you can trust our NADCA-certified team.

Hands Down the Best Choice for Dryer Vents in Williamsburg, VA

There’s no need to be permanently pressed about your dryer not working. Kohmar makes it easy to get the clean dryer vents you need.

Don’t wait for a spark to set your dryer ducts ablaze. Give us a call today for powerful and practical dryer vent cleanings.

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