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Commercial HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning in Washington, DC

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Dust, dander, mold, contaminants and more are found hiding in the air ducts of commercial properties every day. Imagine breathing that in for 40 hours every week. Sounds risky right? And what would clients or customers think?

HVACs constantly cranking out contaminants ruin your air quality and often send your energy bills skyrocketing as well. The more debris and dust blocking your airflow, the harder your HVAC has to work each day.

Is a dirty air duct system just another daunting item on the list of property management tasks? It’s easy to let essential systems like your HVAC unit fall by the wayside. However, neglecting your heating, cooling, and air quality can have serious consequences.

Don’t try to be a superhero! Kohmar’s NADCA-certified technicians are here to help. We have the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to clean your duct system thoroughly, ensuring it delivers fresh air once again.

Unlike a one-person operation, Kohmar offers a full crew, top-notch service, and guaranteed results. Let us handle your air quality concerns, so you can focus on running your business smoothly.

Air Duct Cleaning and HVAC Hygiene for Your DC Area Business

Noticing a dip in air quality or temperature inconsistencies at your business? It’s easy to feel lost trying to diagnose the culprit. Leaky ducts wasting conditioned air? Clogged filters hindering efficiency? Don’t waste precious off-time crawling around your ventilation system.

Kohmar offers free consultations to pinpoint the exact issue plaguing your air ducts and HVAC system. Your solutions are tailored to fit your business needs and budget, providing a clear quote after the consultation. Our team then swiftly tackles the problem while you focus on what matters—running your business.

Don’t wait for minor issues to snowball. Invest in preventative maintenance with Kohmar’s air duct solutions, and breathe easy knowing your commercial property can get back to optimal air quality faster than you can say “healthy work environment.”

Kohmar offers a variety of services to clear the air in your Washington, DC commercial facility:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • HVAC Hygiene Maintenance
  • Drain Pan Refurbishments
  • Disinfecting and Deodorizing
  • Duct Encapsulation
  • Mold Remediation
  • Air Duct Sealing with Aeroseal ©
  • HVAC Mechanical Insulation
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Coil Cleaning
  • NADCA Inspection Reporting
  • High Elevation Cleaning
  • Air Filter Replacements

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Duct Cleaning Professionals Protecting Your Staff in Washington, DC

Your business has to focus on the bottom line. You can’t be throwing money away. Running a dirty HVAC can rack up energy costs and even push your machine to the brink. Next thing you know, you’ve got costly HVAC replacements or repairs on your hands.

Breathe easy and keep your business thriving. Kohmar prevents HVAC problems with cleaned and sealed air ducts, saving you money and ensuring optimal air quality.

Starting to feel uneven temperatures in your building or spotting more dust than normal? Have the pros come take a look for you. Kohmar thoroughly inspects for air quality killers such as:

  • Mold
  • Damaged parts
  • Inefficiency
  • Bad Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Rising energy bills
  • Dangerous hazards like fires
  • Overproduced dust
  • Leaky or clogged air ducts

Embrace a proactive approach to indoor air quality. Kohmar’s air purification solutions handle allergens and pollutants, ensuring a healthier and more sustainable work environment for your entire Washington, D.C. team.


Industry-Leading Equipment and Crew Serving Your Commercial Property 

Commercial buildings bring on challenges you’d never find in the air ducts of a normal home. Whether you’re kicking up sawdust every day, have ceilings that require a ladder or lift to reach or have thousands of square feet to take care of—it’s a big undertaking to find an air duct cleaning team capable of the job. 

Kohmar has specially trained team members, a kick-duct lineup of commercial-sized HVAC tools, portable equipment for hard-to-reach spaces and the experience needed to get a job done efficiently. 

For the lower levels of your building, count on our industrial-strength vacuum trucks that suck up all the dust hiding in your ducts. Looking to reach beyond ground level? Kohmar has multi-floor portable duct-busting tools to get every job done. From interior tasks to exterior high-elevation cleaning, our crew gets the results you need in D.C. 

Ready to hire the best Virginia-based duct-busting team? Kohmar travels to the District of Columbia to help knock out crucial commercial jobs.

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Keep Your Company Clean With Kohmar

Your business doesn’t have time for dirty ducts or redos from our so-called competition.

The dust never settles here at Kohmar. Let us handle your air quality issues while you get back to doing what your company does best.

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