Responsive Air Duct Cleaning in Mechanicsville, VA


Kohmar Air Duct Cleaning provides Mechanicsville homes and businesses with deeply cleaned HVAC systems. Through decades of experience and safety-first processes using the latest technology, you can breathe easier.


“When Your HVAC System Works Harder, You Pay the Price”


Your air ducts keep your building comfortable and safe. Through proper filtration and clear airflow, they move outside air throughout your home and move inside air outside, keeping your home or business feeling fresh.


Throughout the years, dust and particulates can gather inside your air ducts, blocking your air filters and duct passageways. This makes it difficult for clean air to circulate through your building. In turn, your HVAC system has to work harder to achieve the same air temperature and quality.


When your HVAC system works harder, you pay the price with higher bills and a broken unit. Not to mention your building can have an increase in dust and particulates with a noticeable decrease in air quality.


When your air ducts need a deep cleaning, you need to call the experts at Kohmar. For over 25 years, we’ve been helping Mechanicsville home and business owners breathe easier through responsive and detailed work executed by NADCA certified professionals.


Comprehensive HVAC Cleaning Services in Mechanicsville, VA


Kohmar’s air duct cleaning service uses traditional cleaning methods mixed with the latest in deep cleaning technology. Your air ducts and HVAC system will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and maintained by our committed team.


Calling on decades of experience and extensive training, we work with you to ensure your air quality is kept high. We inspect your ducts for any leaks or issues, then sanitize your system to remove particulates and potentially mold.


By protecting the things you care about most, we ensure your satisfaction.


We also provide a few other deep cleaning services for your internal air filtration systems, such as:



A Clean Air Duct Means a Healthy Home


A clean HVAC system is a happy HVAC system. When your air ducts are clear of debris and your HVAC unit is running efficiently, you can notice the difference.


After your system is thoroughly cleaned by our NADCA certified process, you can experience:


  • Higher air quality
  • Fewer dust particles
  • Lower energy bills
  • Longer lasting HVAC system
  • Repaired air leaks
  • Efficient air circulation


Hear What Our Customers Have to Say


“We’ve used Kohmar several times now and each experience has been awesome! Great staff, reliable and responsive, and the work they’ve done is impeccable. Highly highly recommend!!”

– Kim Wassel


Streamlined In-Depth Air Duct Cleaning Process


You are our number one priority. We understand that one mistake with your HVAC system could seriously inconvenience your building. That’s valuable time and money wasted.


To keep you worry-free, we openly inform you about the process we use to clean air ducts in your residential or commercial building.


Our process includes a thorough investigation of your building to assess the scope of work required. We do what we can to make air duct cleaning a predictable and manageable expense to encourage routine cleaning before dusty air quality or black mold becomes a larger problem.


  • Our technicians will arrive with our state-of-the-art equipment and prepare the HVAC system.
  • All electronics and items will be covered and protected.
  • Your HVAC system will be blocked at all vents and registers so that the only way air can escape is through leaks in the ductwork.
  • Our Aeroseal machine tests to determine the current duct air leakage.
  • The sealant formula is distributed in your duct system while monitoring your system as it is applied.
  • When complete, our technicians give you a certification of completion along with the measurements of system improvements.


Following cleaning, we’ll take an “After” photo to show that the air ducts have been thoroughly cleaned. All access ports will be closed and sealed airtight, allowing for future maintenance and cleaning. All supply and return registers will be reinstalled. All work areas will be cleaned up and all equipment will be removed.


Finally, all filters will be inspected, any additional recommendations will be provided, and the system will be reactivated and tested before our technicians make their way to their next job.


Personable and Certified Air Duct Cleaning Professionals


Mechanicsville is nothing if rich in air duct cleaning companies. Making the right choice can feel difficult since you have so many choices.


Kohmar is the correct choice for your home and business because no one else is as committed to your satisfaction and well-being. Our process keeps your safety at the forefront, ensuring you get the right cleaning services for your situation.


As NADCA certified technicians, we’re held to a higher standard than your average contractor. We have the training to properly deep clean your HVAC system and the ability to use the latest in air duct cleaning technology.


Above all else, we’re locals to the Richmond community that care about our impact. We’ve heard the horror stories and want to set things right. We come to every home with a smiling face and commitment to customer service.


Breathe Easier


If your air ducts are in need of serious cleaning and maintenance, contact Kohmar.


Our team of specialists will deep clean your air ducts and HVAC system, all while keeping you informed during every step of the process. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation and start to breathe easier.