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Reliable Air Duct Cleaning Services in Hanover, VA

Air Ducts that Sparkle and Shine

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and then stop to think: where did that air come from?

All of the air circulating your home or business passes through an air duct at some point. Do you want it headed through a fresh, clean and sparkling air duct or one packed full of dust, contaminants and mold?

Clean air is the obvious choice, especially if you struggle with allergies or rely on your HVAC for comfortable temperatures year round.

Instead of settling for dirty breezes sneaking their way out of dust-clogged ducts, get clean air that flows with ease thanks to Kohmar’s thorough duct cleanings in Hanover. Our dedicated and experienced team rolls up with extra-strong vacuum trucks designed to clear all the gunk out of your ducts.

When our crew drives away you’re left with ducts ready to efficiently distribute your heated and cooled air.

Kohmar kicks off your air duct cleaning with a free consultation to find out just what your dirty ducts need.

Cleaner Ducts Lead to More Saved Bucks

Wondering what cleanliness has to do with your energy bills? The more clear your air ducts are, the less your HVAC system needs to work.

With your HVAC no longer putting in overtime, your electric bills start to dip down. Energy providers are always trying to raise prices, don’t give them another reason to charge you more money.

Your HVAC has a tough time pushing air out of ducts filled with debris. When Kohmar clears out your ducts, it opens up a clear path for your air to come through.

Our team cleans your supply lines, intake, return ducts and air handler all for better energy efficiency. Kohmar sucks up your dust so you can knock down your energy costs.

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What Goes in Dirty Air Ducts?

Your Hanover building’s air quality is directly impacted by what’s going on in your air ducts. If there is dirt and dust in your HVAC system, it’s also in the air you breathe.

Particularly nasty air ducts can contribute to health issues, thanks to the buildup of contaminants and bad ventilation.

Look out for health issues associated with dirty air ducts such as:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

How Your Ducts Get Cleaned in Hanover, VA

Kohmar has a proven process for taking ducts from dirty to pretty. Our National Air Duct Cleaners Association certified crew is the best in the business at fixing your HVAC hygiene and air duct issues.

Unlike fake air duct cleaning companies who are just waiting to scam people on social media, our team has a serious record of results in the Richmond region.

Trust in the process for the air ducts that are good as new:

  1. Kohmar arrives at your home with a state-of-the-art vacuum truck and equipment
  2. Technicians wear protective shoe covers when entering your home or office
  3. Kohmar discusses the layout of your system during a walkthrough, explains what work we will do and answers any questions for you
  4. Technicians lay protective floor coverings throughout the workspace
  5. All supply registers and return grilles are removed for proper cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing
  6. Return and supply ductwork are located. Access ports are created to facilitate the cleaning process (some systems may require multiple access ports).
  7. Access panels on air handlers are removed for inspection and interior cleaning
  8. A “Before” photo is taken to show debris and condition of ducts before the cleaning process begins
  9. An 8” suction hose is connected to the supply and return sides of the ductwork system
  10. Ducts are cleaned by Kohmar’s state-of-the-art equipment
  11. (Optional) A disinfectant may be applied throughout the entire system to treat for mold, bacteria, viruses and any type of microbial growth

Call Kohmar to Air Out Your Ducts in Hanover, VA

Don’t settle for scammers or cheapskates when it comes to services for your home or business. Kohmar has the most cutting-edge equipment and the best-trained team in Hanover for air duct cleaning services.

Our talented technicians go above and beyond to get your air ducts clean as a whistle. Don’t wait for better circulation, easier breathing or lower energy bills – give our team a call.

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