Home Mold Removal


Your Family’s Safety Comes First in Your Home


The parts of your home you can’t see can hurt you. Mold can establish colonies just about anywhere in your house and pose a health risk to you and your family.


Mold spores are too small to see. When mold is in your air ducts, you may not realize what you’re breathing in.


How to Tell If You Have Mold in Your Air Ducts


One of the telltale signs of mold anywhere in your home is the musty smell similar to a wet towel that has been sitting around for a few days.


If the mold is specifically in your air ducts, you can probably pick up on this musty smell in multiple rooms and whenever you turn on your HVAC system.


You may also notice black stains or discolored patches around your vents.


Symptoms of Moldy Air Ducts


A decrease in indoor air quality due to mold in your ducts could result in eyes, nose and throat irritation or allergic responses. It may exacerbate asthma symptoms as well.


The disappearance of these symptoms when walking outside in the fresh air is a good indication that your air ducts are to blame.


Kohmar Checks For and Removes Mold


Do-it-yourself options only scratch the surface.


Your air ducts are not something that you can clean without professional equipment. We are one of the few companies in Richmond that does air duct cleaning as our main service line. We are certified to get mold samples and clean the ducts where mold is found.


Give Kohmar a call if you suspect mold in your home.