Commercial Mold Removal


Mold in Air Ducts Can Be a Problem for Anyone


Mold is a problem for any building maintenance manager. If you don’t get ahead of the problem, the discovery of black mold can upset tenants and cost you hundreds in clean up costs.


When your building develops mold, it becomes an emergency that you should take care of right away. The health of your occupants can be threatened by mold in your air ducts and the occupants in your building will begin to complain of health problems if left for too long.


Your Mold Troubles Can Be a Yesterday’s Worry


The sooner you call Kohmar, the sooner your mold troubles can become a worry of the past.


Our technicians will inspect your air ducts and determine the scope of the work that we need to perform. Then we will quote you as accurately as we can for what the cost will be to clean your air ducts with our state-of-the-art equipment.


After the work is complete, we will show you photos that confirm that everything is up to your satisfaction.


Preventing Mold with Ongoing Duct Cleaning and Maintenance


We recommend regular duct cleaning to prevent the development of mold. Adding duct cleaning to your list of regular building maintenance tasks is the best way to keep mold from ever becoming a problem in your facility.


Call Kohmar to schedule a consultation and estimate.