IAQ/Facility Maintenance


Indoor air quality affects the health of your building’s tenants.


Sick building syndrome is the term that refers to the collection of symptoms that affect occupants while they are occupying the building. When the indoor air quality of your building is ignored, symptoms such as coughing, sneezing and sluggishness proliferate.


If you manage a commercial building, workers may complain of poor working environments and lost productivity.


Indoor air quality can also be an indicator of larger issues.


If ducts are not cleaned regularly, mold and dust can develop in the unseen guts of your building. As a result, the quality of the air will suffer as the tenants in the building are subjected to air that has been circulated through dirty air ducts. The poor indoor air quality is the tip of a very problematic iceberg that could be avoided if indoor air quality were maintained on a regular basis.


What to Do to Improve Indoor Air Quality


Regular air duct cleaning should be part of your building’s scheduled maintenance plan.


When cleaned regularly, air ducts circulate cleaner air and can reduce the number of occupants that complain of sick building syndrome symptoms. In time, not only will the health of the building occupants improve but your risk of mold issues will be significantly reduced.


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