Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Richmond


Vital to Any Healthy Building


Prevent sick building syndrome with cleaner air ducts. Check off air duct cleaning on your routine building maintenance schedule.


Dirty ductwork circulates dirty air through your building, business or other commercial facility. As dust, dirt and other particulates build up in your ducts, the environment for your building’s occupants deteriorates. Without regular cleaning, mold can form in your ducts and lead to manifestations of sick building syndrome.


Kohmar performs inspections of your HVAC system for any leaks or breakages. We then clean all contaminants and sanitize your ductwork. Your staff and your building’s occupants will breathe easier with improved air quality. You’ll breathe easier knowing you’ve kept them safe.


Our Transparent Air Duct Cleaning Process


Our customers are our number one priority. That’s why we want our clients to be informed about the process we use to clean air ducts in their commercial building or other facility.


Our process includes a thorough investigation of your building to assess the scope of work required. We do what we can to make air duct cleaning a predictable and manageable expense to encourage routine cleaning before dusty air quality or black mold becomes a larger problem.


Here’s what you can expect when you choose Kohmar for your air duct cleaning needs:


  • Arrival at your commercial building with a state-of-the-art vacuum truck and equipment
  • Technicians wear protective shoe covers when entering your building or office
  • We’ll perform a walkthrough with you to discuss the layout of your system, explain what work we’ll do and answer any questions for you
  • Following the initial assessment, technicians will lay protective floor coverings throughout the workspace
  • All supply registers and return grilles will be removed for proper cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing
  • Return and supply duct work will be located. Access ports will be created to facilitate the cleaning process (some systems may require multiple access ports).
  • Access panels on air handlers will be removed for inspection and interior cleaning
  • A “Before” photo will be taken to show debris and condition of ducts before the cleaning process begins
  • An 8” suction hose will be connected to supply and return sides of the duct work system and be cleaned by Kohmar’s state-of-the-art equipment
  • (Optional) A disinfectant may be applied throughout the entire system to treat for mold, bacteria, viruses and any type of microbial growth


Following cleaning, we’ll take an “After” photo to show that the air ducts have been thoroughly cleaned. All access ports will be closed and sealed airtight, allowing for future maintenance and cleaning. All supply and return registers will be reinstalled. All work areas will be cleaned up and all equipment will be removed.


Finally, all filters will be inspected, any additional recommendations will be provided, and the system will be reactivated and tested before our technicians make their way to their next job.